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It's All About Golf!

When does a set of clubs make a difference in a golfer’s ability to play?

Many golfers think that buying better clubs will improve their play. Buying the latest and greatest driver in hopes of getting a 300-yard drive becomes the focus. The driving range is full of golfers trying to maximize their driving/fairway shots. However, two thirds of all strokes are taken within 100 yards of the hole. Golfers are inconsistent. One bad shot and they are ready to try a new stance. Their golfing buddy tells them to do X instead of Y to improve their swing so they try it for a while.

Every golfer knows that the swing is the most important factor in golf. However, to perfect your swing, you must learn how to position your feet properly. Whether you are lying on a slope, in a sand bunker or in the rough, your stance makes a difference. Knowing how to hit the ball correctly is part of the swing. It depends upon whether you are trying to put some backspin or plant it on the green. Then you add the grip of the club and understanding which club to use and when to use it. It is the mastery and consistency of the swing that separates the average golfer from the great golfer.

Have you ever thought about the correlation between financial planners and golf? As a Certified Financial Planner™, I focus on working on my client’s swing. It is important to learn what affects them financially (their swing). It is imperative they understand which factors (hazards) may affect their situation. It is important for them to work on their retirement goals (long game) while not neglecting immediate needs (short game). It’s crucial to find the right product (the clubs) that becomes a good fit for them. Most importantly, getting advice from the right person. Everyone’s swing is different and it takes an expert to help you perfect your swing. Tiger Woods has always had a professional coach. Working with a professional to help you monitor and improve your swing will assist you in becoming a better golfer. Bring someone alongside you. Someone that will help you focus on those things that need improvement, assist you in knowing which clubs to buy and assist you in maintaining consistency throughout your entire game/financial plan. Getting help from a qualified professional can be crucial to this success. It is not about the club (the product), it’s all about the swing.

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