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Investment Philosophy


As an independent Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Virginia Pathway Financial Planning, Inc. is not associated with any other company or institution that imposes any sales requirements. We have the freedom to select any manager or investment that meets our client’s objectives.

Risk means something different for each client. Portfolios are designed to meet your objectives while maintaining your individual risk tolerance.

Semi-annual reviews and periodic rebalancing assist in prudent decision making to combine risk exposure for optimal performance while recognizing the danger of losing more than the market when the market is in decline. Managing risk does not mean avoiding risk. Having diversified portfolios is key managing that risk.

Pathway Financial Planning, Inc. manages risk through diversification and manager selection. ETF's/Mutual fund portfolios are designed using only 4/5 Star rated funds as rated by Morningstar Inc.

We tend to avoid timing the market as a general rule. However, there are times when we may take advantage of certain situations or market conditions.

Pathway Financial Planning, Inc. does not use Discretionary Trading Authority for clients accounts. No funds are ever moved or invested without the client’s consent.

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